Flower pounding

Here's a new-to-me craft - flower pounding. You use a hammer to pound the color from plant materials into a special 'prepared for dyeing' fabric which can then be used as a wall hanging or other decorative purpose.

The wood turner

This is a nice little video showing a wooden bowl being made on a pole lathe.

Tibetan Blackware Pottery

This video about Tibetan Blackware Pottery makes an interesting companion to yesterday's video on African pottery. There are many similarities, especially the low temperature firing in little more than a bonfire, but a noticeable gender switch and a change in scale and refinement.

African pottery

A fascinating and long video showing pottery being formed and fired in various locations in Africa. The techniques they use include concave mold, convex mold, coiling, direct pull, and hammer and anvil.

Rob Gonsalves - magic realism

Rob Gonsalves is a Canadian painter who describes his style as magic realism, and which perhaps incorporates the surreal style of René Magritte with the perspective of M. C. Escher. His work uses a lot of repetitive patterns that morph from one form to another to create an illusion. In this short documentary he talks some more about his work.

A sculptural space in willow

Laura Ellen Bacon creates sculptural spaces from willow. In this video she is working on an installation that fills the old kitchen of Barrington Court, in Somerset, England. She discusses her work and talks about the materials that she uses with her supplier, Musgrove Willows.

Ceramic artists, Sally and Neil MacDonell

Sally and Neil MacDonell share a ceramics studio in Bath, UK, but work independently. In this slideshow presentation they discuss their studio, working techniques and inspiration.

Drywall sculpture

Bernie Mitchell demonstrates how he transforms empty wall space by adding some relief sculpture to it.