Mixing polymer clay colors

Learn to mix colors and create color scales by watching this video from Maggie Maggio.

Lisa Pavelka is an award-winning polymer clay artist. Her gorgeous work has been featured in books and magazines. She is a popular guest on craft television shows and at crafting retreats.

Polymer Clay Treasures
Lisa demonstrates everything you need to know to create your own polymer clay treasures; from clay basics to complex techniques made easy, even if you’ve never worked with clay before!

After discussing the basics, Lisa demonstrates just how versatile polymer clay can be with a variety of projects. Clay Basics: Clays, Cutting Tools, Basic & Texturing Tools, Adhesives, Work Surfaces, Pasta Machines, Conditioning, Baking, Sanding & Polishing, Storage, and Clean-Up. Projects: Treasured Tools, Faux Art Glass, Business Card Holder, Dream Purse Pen, Transformed Tins, Hinged Pillow Bead

Interactive Gallery
The gallery is overflowing with more than 65 photographs of sample artwork. When you see something that inspires you jump directly to the technique used to create it.

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Lola said...

Amazing! I'm so happy I've found this video. I've been following Maggie's blog, but this really puts things into perspective. I have got to try this, thank you!