Texture Without Colour

In this video, Maggie Ayers explains how shape and form can be created by both colour and texture. When the colour is removed the focus is then entirely on the texture created and the light falling on it.

Art from junk

Artists in Residence program at the dump in San Francisco.

Carve a wooden spoon

Today I have a set of three videos showing Robin Wood carving a wooden spoon.

This first clip shows Robin using an axe to split a log and rough out the spoon. When I first saw this I thought he must be live in a bachelor pad, but apparently not.

Now he starts refining the shape with a knife.

Robin ends his work with a curved knife to hollow out the spoon.

In this final video, Robin's wife Nicola shows how she finishes the spoon without using abrasives.

Robin and Nicola run spoon carving courses from their home in Edale in the beautiful Peak District of England.