Sioux Pottery

Here is a nice little video by some budding young documentary makers at Sioux Pottery. The video shows how moulded pots are made, decorated with paint and then patterned.

Abstract Expressionism 101

Abstract expressionism was a post-World War II art movement, and the first American art movement to achieve worldwide influence.

This video looks at the work of Pollock, Kline, de Kooning, Gootlieb, Rothko, Frankenthaler, and Louis. Pay attention, as there is a quiz at the end:) The links I have chosen for each artist are from a number of different sources, and I hope you will spend some time at each website to explore many more works of art.

Abstract Expressionism from WVPT.

The creative process of Shauna Twardzik's ceramics

Shauna Twardzik talks about the creative process of building some ceramic forms during her MA studies at the University of Wales Institute at Cardiff, School of Art and Design.

Making the Creative Process Visible - Full Films: Shauna Twardzik Ceramics UWIC 2008 from Dr. Natasha Mayo on Vimeo.

A novel book construction

Conditions is a photobook by Peruvian/German photographer Andres Marroquin Winkelmann. The publishers blurb says the book shows pictures of people who long to be socially accepted without having to conform, people who are “on the road”, searching, hoping and doubting.

I was particularly taken by the way the book is constructed, and the novel way in which it can be browsed. As Modern Art Obsession puts it in their review, it allows the reader to create numerous diptychs, and hence every reading tells a slightly different story.