Japanese trick chest of drawers

Today's video is a little departure from the norm in that it shows the results of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Karakuri tansu is a chest of drawers which have trick drawers which can hide what the user puts inside to keep valuables safe.

Woodturning - a wooden box

Today we start a regular new feature on Craft Videos. Every Sunday there will be an interview with the craftsperson on the video. This week I talk to woodturner Joe Bazer.

Hello Joe, tell me a little about your life outside of woodturning.

I live in Shilo, Israel with my wife and 7 children (ages 3 - 17).

And how long have you been woodturning?

About 12 years.

Was woodturning a hard thing to learn?

I'm still learning. Mostly self taught with books and videos.

You make the box look like an easy project. Is it something that a beginner could easily do? What is the hardest part of this project?

It's not too difficult once you understand the sequence of work. The forms are "open" and easy to make.

What type of wood did you use in the video, and which way is the grain oriented?

The wood is dry paduak with the grain oriented perpendicular to the lathe centers.

What else do you make other than boxes?

Natural top bowls, using local wood - olive, eucalyptus, cherry, almond. Custom furniture. Check out my public gallery.

What motivated you to make this video and do you plan to do any more?

I enjoy teaching, and want to share my techniques with other craftspersons. I hope to make some more videos.

Thank you Joe. I look forward to seeing them.

Sand Cast Glass

This video is a commercial for a course on working with molten glass in sand molds.

Stained glass window glazing

A time lapse video of a stained glass window being glazed at Beyer Studio in Philadelphia by Chris Thompson

Beeswax candle kits

Today we are going to watch a beeswax candle being made from a kit.

Traditional crafts alive in Romania

What you will see in this video looks like it could have been happening a century ago, but the producers of this video say that it was not filmed in a museum. These traditional trades and crafts are still alive in some remote areas of Romania. Amongst other things you will see Blacksmiths, Tanners, Coopers, Wheelwrights, Potters and a Shoemaker in this trailer.

Jacqueline Knight, Glassblower

Jacqueline Knight of Canberra, former Associate Designer in Jam Factory Craft and Design Centre in Adelaide, South Australia will show us how to create a glass decor from beginning to end.

Real Men Knit

This is a trailer for a DVD called Real Men Knit.

The full DVD features a documentary that focuses on men’s roles in knitting, past, present and future, a knitting lesson teaching how to make a knitted cap and interviews with male knitwear designers.

Turning a Djembe drum

Turning a Djembe drum on this rig is perhaps bit of a guys thing, but anyone with a sense of rythm can enjoy learning to play a drum.

Claudine makes a collage sketch

Claudine Hellmuth is one of today's leading collage artists. She teaches mixed media collage workshops in the US & Canada, and she has written 2 books and produced 2 instructional DVDs about her techniques.

Making a cutting board

Today we have a video showing how to make a cutting board for the kitchen using power tools such as tablesaws, thickness planers, sanders and routers.

Traditional craft in Malaysia

This report looks at how cultural changes in Malaysia are affecting traditional arts and crafts such as woodcarving and shadow puppet shows, and asks how they can best be preserved in the face of both modernisation and conservative Islam which is sweeping the country.

Forging Ahead

Busted Tire Films presents Forging Ahead, a documentary that asks "Where does blacksmithing fit in today's world?" Featuring Philadelphia blacksmith Warren Holzman.

Continental knitting

Lorilee Beltman, owner of City Knitting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, gives us a "Continental" knitting lesson courtesy of Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, host of the CraftSanity podcast.

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