Mud art

Today's video is a documentary of a project by members of the Woodburn High Art Club, who designed and created 14 sheetrock-backed earthen art panels to decorate their commons area. This film follows their process of transforming their commons area to reflect more of the warmth of living that takes place below the high steel ceiling and cold white walls, and shows how simple ingredients such as mud, sand and recycled newspaper can be used to create beautiful art.

Response to the installation was not only positive, but "overwhelming" according to art teacher Catherine Johnstone. If you've never seen "mud art" in action before, you will find this video enlightening and entertaining, and if you want to try it yourself check out these books by Kiko Denzer.

Beach glass jewelry

My friend Bobbi A. Chukran has just started a new blog called Recycled Stuff, all about recycling and inspiration for a greener life.

To celebrate, I have a video for you today from Lake Erie Beach Glass showing some of the wonderful wearable art that can be made with beach glass.

Tablet weaving silk

Today's video by Michael Cook shows the process of winding silk and using 'card' or 'tablet' weaving to make it into a ribbon bookmark.

Learn more about silk, silk worms and silk moths at Micheal's website

Artist Janet Schooley

An interview with Janet Schooley, an artist who now works with willow.

She is currently making a medieval bee skep for a short film based on some of the images from The Luttrell Psalter, an illuminated manuscript made for the Luttrell family of Irnham village, Lincolnshire, from 1325 - 1340.