Knitting A Circle Scarf

Here is a very nice instructional video suitable for absolute beginners. It shows how to make a comfy looking circle scarf that can also be used as a cowl or modified to make a neck warmer. It covers everything in great detail, from casting on, the basic stitch, the purl stitch, casting off, and sewing the ends together.

Weaving on an architectural scale

Tow videos today about the work of Laura Ellen Bacon, a British artist who creates large scale woven sculptures from a variety of materials.

The first video shows two large-scale works in red willow at The Arts & Crafts House in England's Lake District. These curvaceous structures, bonded to the building and the retaining wall of one of the garden terraces can be seen until the end of September 2012.

The next video shows Laura working with polypropylene ribbon on steel frames for an installation at the BLINK festival in the Market Square at Northampton in 2010.