Forging iron roses

Helmut Hillenkamp tells us that making a rose from iron was part of a journeyman's test in medieval times.

See more of his work at iron-to-live-with.

Stone Sculptures

If yesterdays video whetted your appetite for a bit of stone sculpting, here are some examples from CLACH 2006- International stone sculpture symposium at Plane Castle to inspire your imagination.

Stone sculpture techniques

Stone sculptor Mark Breithaupt shows the tools and techniques he uses to make organic abstract sculptures. In this video he uses a variety of power tools including a core drill and a diamond toothed chainsaw. Sixty hours of work are compressed into this ten minute video.

You can see more of Mark's work at

Inspiration from digitally altered images

Maggie Ayers talks about how she uses photography and digital manipulation to create images that inspire her works of art.

If you found this video interesting, you may like to watch a previously featured video by Maggie, Texture Without Color