Woodturning - a wooden box

Today we start a regular new feature on Craft Videos. Every Sunday there will be an interview with the craftsperson on the video. This week I talk to woodturner Joe Bazer.

Hello Joe, tell me a little about your life outside of woodturning.

I live in Shilo, Israel with my wife and 7 children (ages 3 - 17).

And how long have you been woodturning?

About 12 years.

Was woodturning a hard thing to learn?

I'm still learning. Mostly self taught with books and videos.

You make the box look like an easy project. Is it something that a beginner could easily do? What is the hardest part of this project?

It's not too difficult once you understand the sequence of work. The forms are "open" and easy to make.

What type of wood did you use in the video, and which way is the grain oriented?

The wood is dry paduak with the grain oriented perpendicular to the lathe centers.

What else do you make other than boxes?

Natural top bowls, using local wood - olive, eucalyptus, cherry, almond. Custom furniture. Check out my public gallery.

What motivated you to make this video and do you plan to do any more?

I enjoy teaching, and want to share my techniques with other craftspersons. I hope to make some more videos.

Thank you Joe. I look forward to seeing them.

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