Maggie Ayres: textile and mixed media artwork

The thoughts and techniques behind the creation of "Window" by Maggie Ayres. Maggie works with textiles, found objects and photographic images.

Stone Sculptor, Rachman Ulmer

A four minute video that looks at sculptor Rachman Ulmer. We see him at work in his outdoor studio, discussing his process with Christopher Moroney, and finally enjoying himself at the gallery opening at Viva Arts.

Drop Spindle Basics

Today's video is an instructional one by Abby Franquemont . If you have ever fancied learning how to spin yarn with a drop spindle, this might be a good place to start.

I don't know why I haven't looked for drop spindle videos before. As a woodturner I have often been asked if I make drop spindles, and I have looked at the idea several times but never taken the plunge. Anyway, thanks to my friend Bobbi Chukran who suggested this video for the reminder.

Interview with Découpage artist Rebecca Wheeler

Oklahoma artist Rebecca Wheeler has created non-traditional collages of cloth, lace, clothing, fabric flowers, rhinestones and sequins on linen, ranging in size from 12 by 12 inches to 72 by 60 inches. The works in Découpage explore memory, nostalgia, femininity and collective history.