Creating surface texture on pottery by chattering

Chattering, or chatterwork, is a technique that uses a flexible tool to add texture to an object.

Underwater sculpture installation

British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor has fused art and conservation to build an artificial reef using hundreds of life-sized statues of real people. The life casts are made from materials that encourage coral growth and form an underwater installation on the sea bed off the coast of Cancun, Mexico.

Read more: Underwater sculpture park set to open near Cancun

Wheelwright factory

Here is a fascinating look at how mass production took hold of the traditional craft of making wooden wheels.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Isaac Button, potter

A master at work, from a time when pottery was often considered disposable packaging and had to be made quickly. The location is Soil Hill Pottery, between Bradford and Halifax in England. The Kiln, Drying Shed and Chimney are a Grade II listed building, built circa 1900 on the site of an earlier pottery.

This is a shortened version of a movie made in the early 1960's. You can see the full thing in four parts here, and read more about Isaac and Soil Hill Pottery here.

UK artisans

Today I have something a little different for you. No embedded Youtube video, but rather a collection of slideshows about various artisans with their own voices dubbed over. They were made last year by Nick Hand as he cycled around the coast of the UK raising money for the Parkinson's Disease Society. There are over 70 slideshows, and I have only scratched at the surface so far, but thoroughly enjoyed the basketmaker, Old Town Outfitters (thanks to The Porridge Lady whose twittered about them today, setting me on this trail),  boat builder and Billy Bragg. An odd mixture, and there are plenty more.

Set aside an hour or two and enjoy!

Traditional rake making

Meet John and Graeme Rudd, Cumbria's last traditional wooden rake makers. In a workshop that dates back to 1632, the Rudd family have been producing traditional wooden hay rakes for four generations. more...

16 TEETH - Cumbria's last traditional rakemakers from Rii Schroer on Vimeo.

Farmhouse tables

David Ellison of The Lorimer Workshop in Rhode Island builds furniture in the simple style of the tables built by New England farmers in the past.

Sculpture from single sheets of paper

Here is an interesting presentation of sculptures that have eash been cut from a single sheet of paper. The video doesn't seem to credit the maker, but it would seem to be the work of Peter Callesen who says "paper cut sculptures explore the probable and magical transformation of the flat sheet of paper into figures that expand into the space surrounding them".

Making a coopered bucket

This video shows students learning to make a straight staved bucket at Tillers International, Michigan, USA, which offers classes in appropriate technology farming techniques and artisanal skills.

Thrum knitting

Thrumming is a method of making your knitwear really warm, just what you want for these chilly winter days. It adds thick wads of wool to the inside of the garment, most usually mittens and socks.

You can buy a thrum mitt or sock kit containing yarn, roving and instructions from my friends at Lismore Sheep Farm. If you don't want to make your own, they also sell finished thrum mittens and slippers.

Drilling beach glass

Here is one way to to drill holes in that nice piece of beach glass that you want to add to a piece of jewelry.