Candle carving

You can see more of these beautiful candles at Holland House Candles™. If you fancy a go at carving some candles yourself, here are some resources that might help you get started:

The creative process of Dawn Youll

Dawn Youll is inspired by a painting and dissects the elements of signs, expressive marks and colors. She talks about stripping an object into two dimensional outlines then reconstructing a new three dimensional object from the drawings.

Making the Creative Process Visible - Full Films: Dawn Youll MA Ceramics UWIC 2008 from Dr. Natasha Mayo on Vimeo.

Forging a paper towel holder

If last month's table-top blacksmithing project whetted your appetite for a bit of forgework, here is another handy project you can make for the home.

Clay inlay

Ceramic artist, Rene Murray, demonstrates an inlay technique which she uses to make jars, vases, platters, sculpture and clay paintings. She inlays one type of clay into another making images appear with one clay as the 'figure' and the other as the 'ground.'