Willow hurdles

Here is a short video showing a hurdle being made from willow.

These are made in Somerset, the county of my birth. Willow growing and the associated crafts of hurdle making and basketry are a traditional craft of the area, dating back to at least the Iron Age.

These hurdles are made at English Hurdle, Stoke St. Gregory:

The hurdlers weave up to 10 strands of spraggly withies at one time horizontally on an upright jig, like carpet weavers at a loom. The craftsmen have to grapple with the springy willow to create the tautness necessary for hard-wear and long life. Each hurdle, as well as other withy products, bears the mark of its maker. Visitors may choose their preferred style and their entire order is woven up by the same maker.

Their website shows many different style of hurdle, as well as many other willow products such as arbours and arches.

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