Monotype month

Happy New Year everyone.

This month I plan to concentrate solely on monotype print making. This print process has been described as the most painterly print making process. The image is created on a smooth non-absorbent surface, by both adding and removing ink as needed, then printing a single copy on to paper.

This introductory video is a trailer for an instructional video by Julia and Gail Ayres, and shows some of the interesting techniques that can be used in creating images.

Read more about monotypes in "The distinction between monotypes and monoprints and the process of creating these works on paper".

Stay tuned to Craft Videos for more on monotypes during the rest of the month.

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Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

Hi Derek....I LOVE making monotypes. Julia Ayres has a good book out on the subject, too. I might just have to get that video!

bobbi c.